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USA Full Form-what is the full form usa and famous places of usa

Hey guys today in this article we will know about usa full form,who is the president of
usa,famous places of usa and many more

things so guys just we know usa is one of the most powerful and developing country

in the world usa also comes in world most powerful coutries and usa is also a richest

country and highest gdp and economy also

usa population is more than 32 crores this is very strong country ever

USA Full Form

Friends after some basic detail about usa now we will know about full form of usa so

here usa stands for – United States Of America this is also know as us and america

usa full form image

and usa have high gdp and this is very developing country and united states of

america is very fast in new technologies and there many millioners is from united state

and world richest men jeff bezos is also from usa as well as worlds second and third

persons are also from us this is may be very intresting facts of about unites states

Famous Places Of USA

So guys now we will know about famous places of usa (united states of america) in us

there are many famous places to visit in our

life and here i will share some more famous places of usa with you below

  • Niagara Falls : This is the set of three huge and beautiful waterfalls who look like milk this also a world famous waterfall so if you want to vist usa so must visit here
  • Statue Of Liberty : One of the largest statue in the world also known as the statue of freedom and this famous in whole world
  • Grand Canyon : These is look like mountain and hills this place was mostly covered with red and brown colors rock this place is very beautiful for visiting
  • White House : This is the residence of every united state presidents and this is very old and white house is one of the most beutiful and amazing president residence ever this is built by some precious stones
  • Yellow Stone National Park : This is very attractive landscape in ancient time this was huge volcano land and after this is formed as yellow land with some natural phenomenon colors

Who Is The President Of USA 2019

After some information about usa now we will know about who is the president of usa

2019 so friends after brack obama who was amazing president of usa from 2009-2017

the new president of usa is donald trump and in 2019 donald trump is president of usa

who working well for peoples of united

states of america and he fully focused on developing us in every sector

So guys i hope you know about usa full form,who is the president of usa,famous

places of usa,full form of usa and what does usa stands for if you liked this article must share it with others.

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