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TC Full Form In Railway what is full form of tc in railway full detail

Hey friends in this article we will know about tc full form in railway and what is tc

in previous article i was share tc full form in school where i was share every detail

about tc in school and today in this article we will know about tc full form in railway

so guys when we travell with train and buy ticket of that place where we have to go

with train because when we are in train one person come and check our ticket and that

person called tc so tc is having responsibility to check ticket and collect it

from passengers and of you dont have ticket you have pay fine

TC Full Form In Railway

So guys in upper paragraph we know about tc works in railway and now we will know

about tc full name in railway so here tc stands for – Ticket Collector who have

responsibility of collecting ticket from train passengers and every tc get salary

from railway department which is managed by railway minister

How to become TC

There are one more question is that how to become tc in railway so guys for tc job you

have must 10th passout and then you have to register for tc on rrb official website then

you will get exam date of tc and if you clear the exam then you will get the job ticket

collector at railway department if you

want more detail about tc exam you can check it on google or official webite of rrb

What Is The Salary Of TC

The salary of tc is in starting may be approx 20k to 25k which is good is in starting state

and if you work for longer time as a tc your

salary will be increased after some year

and you working well as a ticket collector

then there are chances to be you promote

as chief ticket inspector post which is highest post than a ticket collector

So guys i hope you know about tc full form in railway,what is the salary of tc,how to

become tc in railways and many more thingsso if you liked this article must share it with others.

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