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SIM Full Form ? Full Meaning of SIM and What SIM stand for

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Sim full form

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SIM Full form

So guys lets we know about the full form of sim so just basicly sim is stand for SUBSCRIBER IDENTIFICATION MODULE it is a telecommunication sector word

Sim full form

Its shows that the unique number of customer who uses sim with unique identity you will see every sim have their

own unique ten digit number in india which help tele companies to identity of their customers and fullfill their request in time just like sms and call normally.

How sim work

Sim work in cell phones and smart phones because in every phone there have micro cheap and when it connect with sim cheap it will work,sim cheap known as (IMSI)

Sim have a network those connect or pass the radiation one sim to another sim and radiation pass by the towers which are placed in every areas.

Who developed sim card

Guys there are so many our readers wants to know who developed sim card so there

answer is Giesecke & Devrient this both guys are developer of sim in year 1991

How many types of sim cards

There are mainly three types of sim card as we know CDMA,GSM and LTE but nowdays CDMA have no place in market is approx to

end and LTE just launched in india 4 to 5 years ago and it will a huge customer base in market at present.

And if we talk about sim types so we can discuss one more topic which is 2g,3g and 4g but in some countries 5g will also takes place.

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