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PTO Full Form in vehicle what is full form of pto muat know in detail 2019

Hey guys today in this article we will know about pto full form in vehical,what is pto,pto full meaning and full form of pto

in notebook and many more intresting things related to pto so guys generally

when we was students of school or collages and we have to complete our home work in

our notebook or when we give exam and in answer sheet one page completely filled

but our answer is still remaining so we use second page to complete our answer but

some time we have doubt is will checker turn second page or not so for indication we

use pto in the corner of copy/notebook or answer sheet i think this personly relates

you in your like anytime if yes comment in comment box

PTO Full Form In Notebook

Friends in upper paragraph we know about what is pto in basic term and now we will

know about full form of pto so here pto stands for – Page Turn Over or Please Turn Over

so guys these both is correct as a full form because both meanig is just same if we

mention pto in corner of our notebook or answer sheet thats means we want

teacher turn the page so pto is page turn over or please turn over here many people

use please turn over and many use page turn over but both meaning is just same and the

both full forms is correct in own way

PTO Full Form In Vehicle

Many of our readers wants to know full form of pto in vehicle because pto also have

another full name in vehicle so guys in vehicle pto stands for – Power Take Off this

is mainly used in vehicles where engines transfer energy or power to another

vehicle equipments to generate enough energy and start engine to work this is

mostly used in tractors because jack hammer is an additional equipment which

we used in tractor for drilling or cutting the rocks and jackhammer are work with

the help of tractor engine by transmit energy or power of engine

PTO Full Form In Leave

If we are employee of any private company,bank or any other private sector

and unfortunatelty we get sick or we need personal time,vocations or any family event

and we need leave for that then we have to submit an application in our sector that

application called pto which stands for – Paid Time Off and after submit your pto

application you will be officialy granted for leave and there are no any cut in your salary

So guys i hope you know about pto full form in leave and what is pto if you liked this artice must share it with others.

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