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MRP Full Form what is the full form of mrp full detail

Hey friends today in this article we will know about mrp full form in manufacturing

and what is mrp with some intresting things so guys in daily life when we buy any product

in india or bangladesh at the bottom or side of the product box mrp is mention by

company for example mrp : 350 or any other price and shopkeeper see that price and tell

us and we have to give the specific amount which is mention next of mrp and the mrp full form is for

every manufacturing product in india and bangladesh basicly

MRP Full Form

Here mrp is stands for – Maximum Retail Price when a company manufacture a

mrp full form image,full form of mrp

product and after all when product is be ready for sell with all margin and taxes

companies decide maximum retail price (mrp) for consumer this is very simple and also important to know everyone

So guys i hope you know about mrp full form in manufacturing and what is mrp if this

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