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Mouse Full Form What Is The Full Form Of Mouse must know in detail

What is the full form of mouse ? Mouse full form ? What is mouse ? There so many internet users search many questions like

this because in our whole world there are lot of things and i am sure 50 to 70 percent have thier short names

so from them i have more one word MOUSE this is not animal mouse which we call rat these is that mouse

which we used in our computer or laptop so

today we are here to know about what is the full meaning of mouse and

what is mouse we clear all doubts related to this all questions so lets get satrted

What Is Mouse

So guys first we talk about what is mouse then we

discuss full name of mouse so guys here mouse is the electronic input device which we used in our

computer for selecting and executing particular object on computer screen we mostly used mouse in

computer because there are no any touchpad like laptop and sometimes we used mouse in laptop when

laptop touchpad not working or when we need to draw any drawing which not possible with laptop

touchpad so for these type of work we use mouse in laptops

Mouse Full Form

So guys lets know about what is the full form of mouse so here mouse stand for

Spicy Facts :-

We need to click mouse button for 1 crore times for burn 1 calorie its really amazing

So by its name you can know its describe its a manually operated device for selecting equipments on

computer screen there are also have many more names of Mouse but we will only learned about

computer term of mouse So guys i hope you know about what is the full form of mouse

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