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LED Full Form and What Is The Full Form Of LED intresting facts to know

The full form of LED,what is the full form of led what is led and what led stand for there are so many confusion among the person

related to LED and they want accurate answer of this

question and in this article i will share all information of led with all of

Led full form

you so guys here LED is a very important and usefull device its used in many form and if

we talk about led bulbs its save our lot of electricity

and reduces our electricity bill it is an a pn-junction diaode which emits

light when activated and it used in tv,watches and in many more things


So guys here our main topic is what led stand for so it is led stand for- LIGHT EMITTING DIODE it is a very useful and benificial for our

money saving and for long lasting devices and there

are lot of uses of led which we know one by one so lets know


Electricity Saving – Guys it is very usefull in save our electricity beacuse led consume very low voltage and

its promoted by our governments after led many normals devices are reduce in market because they

are not long lasting and better life as well as they consume very high amount of voltage and if we

compare both led and non led devices so led device save 80 % electricity

High Quality Pictures – Nowdays led used in tv and watches and led tv provide us very high quality

picture which is more enjoyble than non led tv

Not Fuse Easily – Here if we talk about led bulb then its not fuses easily and early it have strong and long

lasting diode and filaments which are very stayble so if you use led bulbs so minimun its working for 2 years easily

Environment Friendly – I think you know about carbon emission which is harmful for our

environment and its cause by mainly non led lights because its contain mercury and cadmium but led

have mercury and cadmium free and its have non toxic light which are environment freindly

So guys i hope you know about led full form,what is the full form of led and what is led if you liked these

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