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General Full Form

INDIA Full Form what is the full form of india country must know

Hey guys today in this article we will know about india full form and india is one of the

growing country and india also known as youngest country because in india

percentage of youngest youth is more than any other country and after china india is

one of the most populated country in the world and there lot of intresting things

about inida and india is also famous for many thing and in this article we will also know

about famous things of india,what makes india special with full form of india so

friends india is second highest population country in the world and the percentage of

youngers people are very high thats why india have brighter future and many

international companies promotes and launche their brands in india and the most

successful brand xiomi sell most mobile phones in india than china and indian

contribution to other foreign company is excellent

INDIA Full Form

Friends after some basics detail related to india now we will know about full form of india so here india

stands for – Independent Nation Declared In August india is

independent on 15 august 1947 because in india british ruled approx 190 years and

before british mughal was ruled in india for more than 200 years but when british make

illegal rules for indian peoples many of indian leaders fight against this and after

many fights where so many great indian leaders martyr and with the contribution

of father of india mahatma gandhi india become independent on 15 august 1947

Famous Things Of India

India is democratic country and in india every cast and relegion peoples are live and

now we know about some famous things of india which is makes india special and beautiful country

Taj Mahal

Taj mahal is one of the famous and popular mausoleum which is totally made by

precious marbles and stones and taj mahal took 20 years to complete and total 20,000

workers ard work for taj mahal from different different countries and taj mahal

was built by shah jahan for the memories of his third wife mumtaz mahal this is one of

the most historial gift to any wife and taj mahal also comes in the wonders of world

and many foreign peoples specially come india for tour of taj mahal

Indian Cricket Team

Indian cricket team is one of the most successful team in cricket and this is also a

famous thing of india because every indian loved cricket game than any other game

Ganga Arti

World famous ganga arti makes india special because only in india ganga arti is held and many peoples are comes to see this arti


India is also famous for banarasi saree because india is highest and best saree

manufacturer and the the city of india varanasi is majorly famoused for sarees

and other kurtas and sherwani production

which majorly completed with muslim communities

and there are lot of things are famoused in india like banarasi paan,chai (tea),traditional dresses,farming and etc

Fact Of India

Now i will share one of the most amazing fact of india is indian flag is show the beauty

of nature and you can see indian flag in your

indian flag in nature image

nature look the beauty of this picture and this also make india special

So guys i hope you know about india full form,beauty of india,famous things of india,

what makes india special and full form of india if you liked this article must share it with others.

Hey guys this is Aman is here and i will share every type of full forms knowledge in full detail with our loyal readers for more information you can visit our blog .

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