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IMEI Full Form-what is the full form of imei number and imei meaning

Hey guys today article is very important because in this article we will know about imei full form,what is imei number,how to change imei number

and uses of imei number and many more things related to full form of imei

number so guys imei number is basicly found in every mobile phone even if it

keypad or smartphones every phone have its own unique identification number this

number was given by mobile companies and there are lots of uses of imei number and

this is very important for every mobile phone and we should note our imei number

IMEI Full Form

Now we will know about imei full form so guys here imei stands for – International Mobile Equipment Identity this is 15 or 17

digit number which was given by mobile phones companies in the box of mobile phone

or inside of phone when we out our battery form phone then it can see in mobile body

easily where you can see imei with 15 or 17 digit unique numbers easily even if you have

mobile box you can see imei number in any

side of mobile phone box also you can get you
imei number from mobile phone settings

Uses Of IMEI Number

So friends finally we have know about full form of imei number and now we will knoe

about uses of imei number so guys uses of imei number is given below in list

  • If Mobile Phone Stolen

If your mobile phone is get stolen some where or by someone then you can track

your phone with the help of imei number only you have to contact with you nearest police station and file

an fir and give your mobile number to police and when theif use sim in your phone for make a call then

their location can be tracked by police team with the

help of sim companies so dont forget to note your imei number in any paper or diary

  • Block Mobile Phone

Imei number is also used for blocking mobile phone call service thats mean if your phone get lost and you

want nobody can use your phone then you can contact you mobile phone center and blocked your imei

number and in case you get isnurance of your phone then and you phone get lost or damaged and unable to

recover then insurance companies blocked your imei number and give you your insurance amount and use

that imei number for another new phone with mobile

phone companies so these is simple strategy which is used by insurance companies

so guys these was two major uses of imei number and both are very useful for us

How to change IMEI Number

Here many peoples wants know how to change imei number so guys this was illegal

process and incase of changing your imei number and use for some illegal work then

you may be punished by cyber security police department and in this crime age does not

matters if you are under 18 you also get arrest and changing imei number for

permanently is not so easy for any common people but you can change it for temporily

by using some apps for more signup and acces of any application only you have to

download imei changer from playstore or apk file then you can click on change imei

number and now your imei number get

change but for this process you must have rooted smartphone otherwise its not work

IMEI Full Form In Computer

Friends there no any other full form of imei number in computer and computer not

having any imei number because its not provide us sim facility thats why computer

not having any imei number so this is little

detail you should must know its may be helpful for you in future

So guys i hope you know about imei full form,what is imei number,uses of imei number and full form of

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