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HTML Full Form What is the full form of html full detail 2019

So your welcome in our blog and today in this article we will know html full form or what is the full form of html and what is html so

if you are intrested then read this article very carefully and gain your knowledge just

free of coast so guys html is very important for internet or every online

content most of internet products are based on html for example our blog theme is also created by the use of html most of

static page websites are based on html with css and in future this will be on high

demand so if you are intrested in html you should must learned the skill of html these will be take only 2 to 4 months course or you

can learn html from internet by the help of youtube and website or blogs and in simple

terms we can say most of internet or online programs are done by using html

HTML Full Form

So guys lets know full form of html so here html stands for – Hyper Text Markup Language which is used to create a specific

program which we can run on internet or world wide web (www) hyper text markup language (html) is also used in software

development there are many more languages which are used to create this

type of programs like- C++ ,java,phyton and etc but if you learned html first then you

learn this all language easily and in very short time

What Is HTML

So guys just we know html is a hyper text markup language which used to create or

desingn web pages which can viewed in web browsers in html there are lot of typed of

tags which are perform specif functions and if we want to create any web pages so

we should must know about all tags because the tags is major part of the html

and there are some basics tags of html which are used everywhere when we create

a web pages the basics tags are – head tag,body tag,title tag,h1 tag and etc

Example Of HTML & Tags

Guys here i will share basic coding using html and i will use some basic tags

  • h1 tag for first heading
  • p tag for paragraph
  • title tag for web page title
  • br tag for break lines
  • a tag is anchor tag
  • ul tag for unordered list
  • ol tag for ordered list
  • li tag for list item
  • hr tag for horizontal ruler

this is a common and basic example of hyper text markup language and its basic tags i

think you already knew about this common

coding and make sure when you code html on computer/laptop notepad so save that file with .htlm extension for example-newfile.html

if you note use dothtml the file will not open in browser directly

So guys i hope you know about html full form,full form of html and what is html if you liked this article must share it with everyone.

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Hey guys this is Aman is here and i will share every type of full forms knowledge in full detail with our loyal readers for more information you can visit our blog .

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