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Full Form Of BCA what is bca full form,bca subjects and bca eligibility must know

Hey guys today in this article we will know about full form of bca,bca scope in

future,bca eligibility for admission,bca subjects and many more things related to

bca so friends bca is 3 year undergraduate course for students who are intrested in

the field of computer & science and wants to explore digital world at next level and

also bca is for those students who are intresting in programming and coding and

wants to become a great programmer with degree bca is also might similar to btech in

computer science but bca cover less course than bca and its course duration if 3 years and btech course duration is 4 years

Full Form Of BCA

friends lets know bca full form so here bca stands for – Bachelor of Computer Application in this course students learn

and study about computer application where they learn high level programming

which is need to create an application for and after completing bca you can get job in

it companies as well as you can start you
own bussiness and bca you can do any

another high level courses for high packages for example after bca you can do mca this is

best course which make you perfect to get

high salary and after mca there are more
chances of placements in good companies

BCA scope in future

Many of students are confusing and wants to know bca scope in future and is bca is

right career option for future so guys in future bca scope is very bright this may be a

excellent career option for students because nowdays everything is be digital

and we use lots of application as per our need and thats why this is bright scope for

future today is internet world and day by day more people are connecting to internet

and and in future bca have best career opurtunities but you should be updated with

time because technology change day by day very fast so if you learned outdated

programes and not updating yourself and yours skill then this will be not for you

because every company wants to update itself wants to update its features and for

this they need updated programmers not outdated so this is very important if you

deciding bca for your career and you also more focus on practical than theory

BCA Subjects for learning

Now will know about bca subjects which student study in bca collages during his

course period so there are mainly you have to know about Database Management,Java

c++ and html which is the base of bca and programming and during the course and you

will learn software development,artificial inteligence,multimedia system,web based

applications and many more things which make you sharper programmer

BCA Eligibility for admission

If you also want to make bca as a career option then you should know bca eligibility

for admission so friends for admission in bca you must pass in 12 there are no any special

stream requirements if you are science site students and 12 paas out then you are

eligible for intrance exam and if you are commerce 12 pass out then also you are

eligible for bca intrance exam and there no any extra criteria or requirements

BCA Full Form in medical

Guys just we know every word have many full forms and same here with bca so guys

bca full form in medical is may be Breast Cancer Action this is not officialy but in

medical term we can use it and many specialist who are in medical line use this

BCA Full Form in banking

In banking sector bca full form is – Bank Central Asia which is an indonesian bank and

provide every type of banking service these bank was founded in 21 february 1957 this

bank have largest market value in bank

market and bca bank overtook many banks in competition of market value

So guys i hope you know about full form of bca,bca subjects,bca scope in future,bca eligibility for

admission,bca full form in banking and many more things if you liked this article helpful must share it with others.

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