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Full Form Of ADIDAS what does adidas stands for must know in detail

Hey guys today we are here to know about full form of adidas,when was adidas founded

and what does adidas stands for and many more thing about adidas company so guys

adidas is a international brand which makes lots of type of sports products like

shoes,clothing and accessories these is a german company which make high quality

products and sell world wide the range of these products is little high but they

provide best quality to their consumers in present time every sports players use

adidas product and wear adidas sports clothes adidas also manufacture

bat,backback,caps and extra items and time to time adidas update itself very smartly

Full Form Of ADIDAS

Guys lets know about what does adidas stands for so here adidas stands for – All Day I Dream About Sports so guys these is

adidas full form which mean there are someone who dream about sports all day

founder of adidas Adolf Dassler who are make shoes in his bad time and sell it but one

day he realize to grow their work on next level then he started a company name

adidas the name of company was comes from adolf dassler name and now he is

millioner and his compnay value is in million
dollars some times they have to face

faliure but he not give up he give bounce back so guys these was adidas full form

When was ADIDAS Founded

So guys now we will know about when was adidas founded so guys adidas founded in 18

august 1949 in Herzogenaurach,germany by adolf dassler from low scale to high scale

bussiness and in india and other countries many of sports players promote adidas

brands product like shoes,clothes,backpack and many more accessories

So guys i hope you know about full form of adidas

what does adidas stands for,when was adidas was

founded and founder of adidas and many more things if you liked this article then must share it with others

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