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Hey guys today in this article we will know about computer full form image,what is computer,father of computer,how many

types of computer and full form of computer this will be very intresting

article for you because this article will be full of knowledge so guys computer is very

important thing in our daily life at present time and in future also computer become

the part of every human being because computer save our time and give us exact

data computer is set of program which work 100 time faster than human brains and

computer able to perform many task in single time and there are lot of changes

between previous time computer and present time computer in old day when

computer was launched they need more space for single work but now they take

very and very less space for multitasking and here mobile phones is also example of

computer and in future computer may be one piece of sugar size so this will be

intresting and after so much benifits and uses of computer mostly users dont know

computer full form and here we will here to know full form of computer and some detail

Computer Full Form

After some information about computer now we will know about computer full form

so here computer stands for – Common Operating Machine Purposely Used For

Technological and Educational Research so guys this is full form pf computer thats

mean computer used for research of technological and education things

Common – thats mean this is common machine common also can be simple or easy

there no required of rocket science to use computet system this is just have to learn

Operating – after common O stands for operating means comouter is common to operate and use

Machine -this is common operating machine so guys here its describe that computer is machine which is common to operate

Purposely – Purposely mean here is what is the purpose of computer why we should

used computer and how its useful for us and next we will know the purpose of computer

Used For – Used for is for what work we can use computer

Technological – here next is technical means we can use computer for technical things like calculator,programming,animation and etc

Educational – Computer can be used for both technical and educational purpose in

our daily life this two is very important thing and help us to save our time

Research – its just common word that mean we can use computer for technological and educational research

What Is Computer

Friends computer is a elctronic device which is commonly used to perform airthmatical

and logical unit operations when first computer was launched this is only used for

calculation and thats was so simple at that time but now technologies update very fast

and in nowdays this is used to perform many opertaions there no limit and computer is

very helpful and also a part of our life because today everything is mostly done by

computer the reason behind is computer give us fast output and save our time with

fast output its also give us exact and correct result and we dont need many

space for computer time to time computer size decreases and programming increases

here mobiles phones is also a example of computer here one fact about computer is

we know that computer is only laptop or desktop with monitor and mouse but this is

not here computer is mobiles,smaprtphones

and any arificail inteligence machine is also a computer so this is for what is computer

Uses Of Computer

So friends now we will know about uses of computer so guys there are lot of uses of

computer which is we know by one by one nowdays computer using in

and etc now talk about uses of computer

1 – Computer are mainly used in banks for account detail,billing,credit or debit

amount,making cheque and for many other works computer are very necessary in

banks because there are lots of works are done by computer in banks

2 – Computer are used for video editing yah guys of you are youtuber or video content creator in any other

platform then you have to use computer for your video editing and many people earn dollars from

video editing by computer because there are 80 % video consumers are having on internet

3 – If you are photographer then you should use computer because there are lot of application of photo

editing are available on internet for computer and your work will be too much easy with computer

4 – If you need to make bill then computer is for you many peoples use computers for making any types of

bills and then print it so computer makes billing very easy

5 – Computer also used for making list of items and who bought items and how much companies pay how

much are left this is not possible in copy or register this will be easy on computer using tally

6 – If you are a digital marketer or blogger then computer can help you a lot and with computer you

can make million of dollars per month very easily so computer also help us to make money online

How many types of Computer

There are mainly 4 types of computer which is used by human beings for their work fastly and name of that four computer is

Mini Computer – this types of computer are small in size but they have capability to do

high work and perform many actions at one time

Micro Computer – micro computer have its own micro processors like cetral processor

micro chip and etc this types of computer have limited ability to perform

Main Frame Computer – this computer was fully programmed and this computer is used for bulk data processing and any type of applications

Super Computer – this is very high performing computer which is used by

scientist and engineers who work on high level project this have amazing access

power and its have lot of types ofprocessors as computer to any other generation computers

Who Is The Father Of Computer

This is big and important for everyone and here the father of computer is Charles

Babbage he was invented the computer in 1837 and he was mathmatician and he

research the concept of computer and invent analytical engine with airhtmatic

logical unit (alu) but when they want to go more updated computer he have no more

money to manage and thats badluck he was die before fully computer build after the

death of charles babbage his son henry

babbage complete the computer who perform only basics functions

Computer Full Form Image
Computer full form image,full form of computer infographic

This is a image of computer full form this is free to use and copyright free

Is there any full form of Computer

Lots of computer user use computer and they dont know about its full name and

many of them thought is there any full form of computer so guys answer is yes i will

share each and every thing about computer in this article if you are dont know

computer full name just read our full article and i m sure you will definetly know

many more valuable things related to computer

So guys i hope you know about computer full form with image,uses of computer,who is

the father of computer,what is computer,how many types of computers

and full form of computer if you find this article helpful most share it with others.

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