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BP Full Form what is the full form of bp and bp stands for must know

Hey friends today in this article we will know about bp full form,what is bp,what is

normal bp and full form of bp in different different sectors so first we will know

general full form of bp which we used in our lifestyle and its related to our body and

there are mainly two types of bp first is high bp and second is low bp both are harmful

and dengerous when they have not normal because high and low bp causes many effect

to human body and when someone have disesase of high or low bp then doctors

suggest them to proper exercises,diet and medicines at regular basis and in this

condition you have to visit to your doctor every 1 or 2 week

BP Full Form In Medical

Guys here according to medical bp stands for -Blood Pressure this is the rate of our

blood when it pass by human heart if you have not normal blood pressure you can feel

dizzy,weakness,vomit,headache and fast heart beat this is normal symptoms of high

blood pressure and low blood pressure and in this case you should take advice of your

doctor and blood pressure is normally measure by blood pressure machine in bp

machine you can see you bp rate in a form of number this is very simple and safe process

What Is Normal BP

The normal blood pressure rate is very important to know because it can be help us

in any conditions and in upper paragraph i tell you normal symptoms of high blood pressure

and low blood pressure and here the normal bp rate is 120/80 mmHG is normal

bp rate and if this is less than 120/80 then this is low blood pressure and 140/90 is high

blood pressure in this cas you should go to

your doctor immedietly or you can try some home treatment for short releif first

BP Full Form In Business

Many of our readers wants to know about full form of bp in business so friends

according to business bp stands for – British Petroleum and Business Point and if

we talk about british petroleum then it is international gas and oil company which was

registered on april 14 1909 but the name was anglo persian oil company and after 26 year

its name was changed to anglo iranian oil

company and at last in 1954 its registered as british petroleum company ltd

there are lots of full forms related to bp because this word is used in many fields or

sectors and bp full meaning in electricity bill is billing purpose and nowdays one of the most

trending game pubg also have bp word and bp full form in pubg is battle point and may i

sure you will know about pubg game you can

also check our blog for pubg related informations and for other full forms

so guys i hope you know about bp full form in medical and other fields,what is bp,what is

normal bp and full form of bp if you liked this article must share it with others.

Hey guys this is Aman is here and i will share every type of full forms knowledge in full detail with our loyal readers for more information you can visit our blog .

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